Welcome to the wonderful world of art galleries, you are about to embark on a journey of creativity and the discovery of the influences of art on society.

Photography is a form of art that is often overlooked. However, taking photographs that result in an image that has meaning is not easily achieved. Learn about the skill required to capture the moment perfectly on film and delve into the training options available to you. Explore photographs that have made a mark in the industry and learn about the techniques used to achieve the end result.

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Allow us to guide you on a tour of the art galleries around the world and share with you what you can expect to find hidden within the confines of the walls. Discover how the architecture of many of the buildings is a work of art in itself.

Gain knowledge of famous artists throughout history, their paintings, inspirations and understand the story behind the famous masterpieces. Every piece of art, painting, sculpture, photograph or abstract has something to share, you simply need to look a little deeper to hear the whispers of time gone past.

Casinos are an entertainment source that is extremely popular and has always been. The incorporation of art into the featured games and decor has brought culture and entertainment together. Learn about the artists who became famous through paintings depicting casino scenes.

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