A Friend In Need – Poker Cheats Of The Furry Kind

Image result for Poker Cheats Of The Furry KindCasinos are probably the most enjoyed entertainment destination by people all over the world. The chance to let your hair down, unwind and perhaps even make a few dollars with sports betting in canadian-casinos.ca is thrilling.Life is hectic and there is certainly a need for some downtime. Life is hectic and there is certainly a need for some downtime. While most are in the know about casinos, the attraction and how they operate, there may be some who are blissfully unaware of the fame achieved by one man through a set of paintings he created depicting dogs gambling. Strange but true, the paintings have achieved commendable recognition since their creation. Many simply turn their noses up at the contribution to the art world, however, the history held within the frames is something quite out of the ordinary.

Dogs Playing Poker

Cassius Marcellus Coolidge is the artist who created the infamous paintings. While it is often thought the painting is a single artwork, it is, however, a series of paintings. Dogs Playing Poker or A Friend In Need is the most infamous of the paintings. The painting depicts two Bulldogs who are pitted against five very large hounds. The Bulldogs have seen slipping cards to each other under the table using their toes. Coolidge himself was seen as quite a hustler through his life, changing professions many times before producing these paintings. It is often said the paintings are depictions of his own aspirations.

Philadelphia Dreaming

CM Coolidge was born and raised in Philadelphia. It wasn’t until 1991 that the town became aware of the infamy of their former resident. At that time, Coolidge’s 80-year-old daughter, Gertrude, traveled to Philadelphia to present to them a painting or print from her father’s collection to the town. The room at the back of the local library, which acts as the town museum, is now the home of the print. It is framed and hangs on the wall for all to see. The Philly boy has come home.