Image result for Pablo PicassoPablo Picasso went by many different names: Pablo Diego Jose, also Francisco de Paula Juan, Trinidad Ruiz, along with many others. But most of the world knows him as the signature Pablo Picasso. Born on October 25, 1881 in the town of Malaga, he then died on April 8th, 1973 in the city of Paris.

The styling of Picasso’s paintings varied: His popular periods include the Rose Period, Blue Period, and a few others. Picasso also had another style of painting, called Cubism. Cubism is known as his most popular painting style. His Cubism period lasted from 1909 to 1912. This is Picasso’s style of painting that was developed with fellow artist Georges Braque, with the use of a palette using brown and neutral-like colors.

They are many highlights in Picasso’s interesting life. At the young age of 9 years old, the first painting of Picasso was completed. The painting, called “Le picador,” consisted of a man horse riding during a bullfight. Picasso was unfortunately a bad student. Picasso had mentioned in the future that the consequence of being a bad student was to be banned to what was called the “calaboose,” an empty cell, surrounded by white walls and a simple bin. However, instead of a place of punishment, he turned it into a haven for himself, enjoying the time by constantly drawing on a sketch pad while in the punishment area. Picasso’s first contract was in the city of Paris with the art dealer Pere Manach. He agreed to pay Picasso a monthly rate of 160 francs (approximately US $750).

Picasso continues to be an inspiration to many people in the world. In 1998, Many famous artists and others of great distinguishment reference PIcasso as a great influence to their accomplishments. He continues to influence future leaders of the world today, and his influences can be seen throughout the globe.