Art Making, a Statement

Image result for Art Making, a StatementEvery artist has their own reasons for creating the art work that they are attracted to. Most artists use their art form as way to express themselves. Then there are some that use their art to make a statement.

Art Making a Statement

Most often a piece of art work is left up to the interpretation of the viewer. It is fascinating to see a group of people ponder upon a specific work of art and all come to their own conclusions as to what the artist is saying in their piece. Recently there has been another art presentation that did not leave any room for interpretation. The statement it was making was very clear.

Here the artist was making a statement of the dirty drinking water that those in the village of Xiaohaotu are subjected to. The collection of the 9,000 bottles of water left nothing to the imagination. The artist is to be commended for his innovative approach to delivering a message and using his artistic talents to do so.

Art and Personal Preferences

Those who are not into art may not have an appreciation for how powerful art can be. It is not only for the artist but those who get to enjoy the finished pieces. Many don’t realize that the art that one chooses can say a lot about their personality. It is quite common for an art lover to become connected to an artist through their style. Most often an individual will be attracted to many pieces created by the same artist.

Art like music can be theraputic. There are some who use the viewing of their art pieces as a way to reduce their stress. They find that by studying some of the art they have in their possession a way to escape from their troubles for a while.