Fujifilm unveils the Game Changer: X-T100

Image result for Fujifilm unveils the Game Changer: X-T100Fujifilm’s X Series line-up has not stopped growing, which is actually good news to the photography industry. This year (2018), the firm treated photographers and all photo lovers to good news when they (Fujifilm) added X-T100 to their products. Labeled as “small but mighty,” this camera is specially designed without an X-Trans sensor, but it has a raft of other features, including an electronic viewfinder (EVF), that are equally exciting. Being the firm’s first entry-level camera with an EVF, this new product undoubtedly addresses the obvious lacuna left in the already existing X-Series line-up.

Featuring a sleek, retro design, the X-T100 boasts a 24.2 megapixel sensor that ensures high quality images. With a three-way LCD touch screen that tilts horizontally, the ability to automatically recognize scenes, and an advanced Bluetooth technology that makes image transfer both fast and easy, this camera is certainly an ultimate photographic companion that everyone on a photographic journey would dream to have. The camera weighs 448 grams, meaning that you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort when moving around with it in your pocket. The X-T100 has a phase detection autofocus feature, which is one of the latest and sophisticated autofocus algorithms that ensure more precise and faster focusing.

If you’ve been looking for a camera that can make artistic expression easy, then X-T100 is definitely a sure deal. The camera comes with 17 and 11 variations of Fujifilm’s exceptional Advanced Filters and Film Simulation Modes respectively. These unique features make it easy for any photographer, whether experienced or newbie, to add interesting artistic flair to images (artistic expression, film-like artistic expression, etc.).

As if all the aforementioned features are not enough, the amazing X-T100 allows you to quickly and easily adjust settings. The camera’s exposure compensational and functional dials make one-step operation possible, adding to your photographic expression freedom.