Image result for Improve your photosPhotography is a complex field. So much so that you can delve into the study of the art of taking and developing pictures for a full lifetime, and still leave plenty of stones unturned. What if you only see it as a hobby, a leisurely entertainment? Are you condemning your snapshots to mediocrity just because you lack the time to read the thousand-page strong photographer’s encyclopedia? Do you need to spend half of your life savings to buy the latest model of some alien-looking camera equipped with more functions than what you can cope with?


With a few tiny improvements on your technique, your pictures will improve dramatically, even to the eyes of a rank amateur. These two simple, yet effective tips will guarantee you’ll never look at your holiday pictures the same way again.

Get close to your target

Don’t be shy! Your main object should be on full display, so get in there and near it. Unless you want to depict a landscape, get as much of the main object as possible, and suppress as much of the background as feasible. Perhaps you may refrain a bit if you mean to take a picture of a person, but the guidelines are the same.

Don’t centre your photos

The object of the picture should not be right in the middle of the frame. Try to place it at about a third of the full image (either side). Digital cameras tend to focus the relevant objects in the centre of the display, but both objects and people look better in a photo if slightly to a side. When taking a shot at a beautiful outdoor scenery, refrain from setting the horizon line halfway up the image. Play with your camera, try raising and lowering the horizon and you’ll be surprised with the results!