London’s Alternative Districts for Modern Art

Image result for London's Alternative Districts for Modern ArtVisitors to London may be more familiar with the famous art galleries in the city, including The National, The Tate and The Saatchi, but a little exploration can bring its own rewards. London’s Underground is straightforward to navigate, and within a few minutes, art enthusiasts can be enjoying something unique in one of the outlying districts. With many galleries being situated close to bars and restaurants, a full day out can be enjoyed in a different area.

North London brings an excellent choice of places to visit, one of the most popular being the Parasol Unit, housing it’s multi-disciplinary shows in an old warehouse building. Known for staging thought-provoking contemporary art exhibitions, the Parasol Unit is a not-for-profit foundation and educational charity. The Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art is located in a Georgian townhouse, and has a beautiful collection of Futurist works, plus a selection of sculptures and figurative pieces.

South London covers the areas of Richmond, Putney, Twickenham and Chiswick, each district having its own style, and a fair share of galleries. The Russell Gallery is known for its displays of modern British art, with their popular mixed exhibitions taking place twice per year, featuring over 70 new artists. One of the more unusual installations can be found is the stairwell of a car park, painted in vivid pink, situated in South East London, drawing crowds of visitors.

East London has the not to be missed Flowers Gallery, always having innovative displays and exhibitions of modern, abstract art from artists all over the world. The Emma Hill Eagle Gallery is renowned for its collaboration with musicians and writers, creating cross-discipline and experimental works.

Straying off the beaten path and searching in London’s alternative districts, reveals galleries and exhibitions that are more than a match for those in the city centre, with an intimate atmosphere and smaller crowds.