Revealed: How the Internet Has Revolutionized Photography

Image result for Revolutionized PhotographyBy every inch, the world seems to have gone photography mad; we are in an era where art (photography) is more accessible than ever. It should be remembered that not so long ago, photos were rare, and could be experienced only a couple of times, if not once, in an entire lifetime. Within the span of one century, however, there has been a dramatic technological change, and today’s photographers now own digital cameras that can snap up fantastic images; it is hard finding a handset (even a most basic one) without an in-built digital camera.

Photo-taking now seems to be everyone’s cup of tea. As a matter of fact, billions of photos are taken around the world every year. Many of these photos are highly treasured holiday records. or happy events that people want to keep in their memories, as well as share with friends and relatives.

In an era of social media, including Twitter and Facebook, the web has made photo sharing incredibly easy. For instance, Facebook (one of largest repositories of photographs) contains billions of photos uploaded by its users. On the same note, Twitter seems to be following Facebook; so the race is increasingly becoming tight! Twitter users take pictures using their phones and other gadgets, and they post them on the web almost instantly- if your memory is good, you probably remember the first photos of the Hudson River plane crash that went viral on this social media.

Unlike in the past where homes had box stacks with old negatives and polaroids, today’s households have computers with hard-drives big enough to hold an entire photographic history of a family. However, it is important to back up such a photo library to ensure these treasured events remain intact if the computer grinds to a halt. That said, many websites today allow users to upload and store their photo libraries “in the cloud” for easy access via an internet-enabled gadget!