Smartphones Slowly Replacing the Compact Camera

Image result for Smartphones Slowly Replacing the Compact CameraCompact camera sales have significantly dropped in recent years thanks to the emergence of snapper-equipped smartphones, which are owned by many people. In fact, a smartphone is slowly becoming a basic need nowadays, and gone are the days when a compact camera was an essential gadget in your pocket. In fact, according to the Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) data, the sales of compact cameras dropped in 2016, and the trend has continued since then. Now, this is not because people have abstained from photo taking- many people have replaced compact cameras with smartphones.

Why Smartphone Rather Than Compact Camera?

Typically, human beings seek to be comfortable, and convenience is one of the ways through which comfort can be realized. In terms of convenience, compact cameras cannot, and will never, beat a smartphone. Blessed with a playback display unit and other convenience features, it is almost impossible to leave your house without a smartphone. The gadget is more portable than the camera, and you can just whip it out of your pocket and take a photo.

The “sharing” feature is another reason why people are slowly ditching compact cameras for smartphones. People like sharing their great events and memories with others. Most of smartphones are internet-enabled to allow you to share photos in a matter of seconds. You can share the photos in your phone through a variety of ways, including email, Facebook, Skype, Yahoo, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Last but not least, smartphones allow users to edit photos. There are thousands of smartphone applications out there dedicated to image editing. You can add frames and filters to your photos and tweak their exposure the way you want. The apps also allow you to add or remove color, and with them, you will easily find your creative juices flowing as you experiment with the photos in your phone. Remember, many of these apps are free.